Industrial Screw Chiller

Models available from 35 TR to 500 TR

Fully automatic for Safety of Equipments

Energy Efficient Chiller with PLC based Control Panel

ASME class heat exchangers-designed to withstand pressure 3 times greater than than the vessel's relief pressure

PLC Based Control Panel

Environmentally Friendly

Lower Annual Operating Costs

Reliable,Simple Operation and Maintenance

Highly reliable,efficient and low noise level


Safety Interlocks:

  • High Pressure cut-out set with display
  • Low Pressure cut-out set with display
  • Chilled Water Temperature display
  • Antifreeze safety with display
  • Digital temprature controller pressure switch
  • Oil level switch and oil differential pressure switch
  • Discharge tempreture protection with its controller
  • Electronics Thermostat embedded in stator coil for Motor Protection
  • Compressor & Pump overload Trip
  • Under Voltage / Over Volatage / Single Phasing preventer / Reverse phasing preventer
  • Chilled Water flow switch
  • Cooling water flow switch
  • Starter Automatic star-delta starter